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Into the night

Drove into the night and watched the brilliance of splashes of twinkled color, paint the night sky, unfolding in so many directions as I traveled to someone’s birthday. I love that this fresh one will always have the magical feeling that the entire community is celebrating their birthday with jubilance each and every year.

Second baby and first to be welcomed at home and over 42 weeks along. So beautifully primal and instinctual, they followed the knowing of their body, moving in response to their baby traversing their way through her inner landscape. And just like that these parents' arms were full of baby and lusty cry's filled the previously quiet room.

Family sunk in for a wonderful hour plus of cozy, intimate 'welcoming-in time’ of mutual discoveries between baby and family. Oh those first sweet smells of newborns' heads, parents gently peaking at all of baby; those special smiles and embraces of parents in love with their family; first nursing’s; nourishing food and drinks, all in your own bed. Later there is a wonderful drawn herbal bath, fresh sheets on a cozy nest bed; leisurely head to toe peek a babe with all the fun measurements and weight; re-telling of the birth story; discussions of special care for the whole family; final tidy up of the home, laundry started, dishes done and embraces goodbye.

First light of the day is on the horizon as we slip into our own beds, full of gratitude and joy.

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