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Our Offerings

Our holistic care means that we are always thinking about you and your baby within your bodies and your lived lives. We consider your physical and emotional needs to be important in our care.


With this in mind, we support our midwifery care with knowledgable herbal remedies and offer referrals for bodywork. We recommend a nourishing tea through pregnancy and postpartum and have collaborated with an herbalist to offer this to you through the practice. We also hire out birthing pools and offer placenta encapsulation. 

*Please note, some offerings may be limited depending on your location or the particular needs of your pregnancy. 

Midwifery Care

Personalized care from prenatal appointments, nutrition and wellness in pregnancy, care for you and your baby postpartum. 

Fees range from $4800-$6200

Visit Your Home Birth

Lab Work

We offer lab services via Quest Labs in the comfort of our clinic or your home. Most results arrive within 48 hours and your midwife will talk through the results with you and discuss your care. Many of our clients do choose to do labwork, but it is not required.

Fees from $22.68 and up


From craniosacral to massage and chiropractic work, we have in house offerings as well as local referrals. Some services are included in your fees depending on your area.

Fees vary. 

Tea and Supplements

Our recommended tea blend can be purchased from the practice. This locally made nourishing blend will support you throughout your pregnancy. 

From $25 for 6 oz (approx 1 month supply)

New Moon 

The New Moon celebrates the first cycle of a young person and provides a gentle introduction to self care and community.

Fees from $50 and beyond


We can make requests to area facilities for ultrasounds as requested.

Fees vary. 

Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta is a wonderous organ and there are a variety of ways to include it in your postpartum experience. It can be encapsulated to provide a nutrient filled supplement.

Fees from $150.

Birth Pool Hire

Birth pools are available for hire from our practice. 

Fees $150 + 

Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding is a full time job! We're here to support you and can connect you with a professional for a visit in the comfort of your home. 

Fees from $75. 

Additional services

May be available depending on location and offerings. Please let us know if there is something you're interested in, but do not see it here. 

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