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This moment, oh this sacred moment

Each birth and experience of a families loving expression for each other, expands and enriches our own hearts. So sacred each story, each moment, each breath of the journey.

This mama, papa and baby so aligned with and committed to each other for this special quest, from before the moment of conception. Homebirth after a cesarean (surgical) birth, HBAC’s, are journeys often filled with discoveries, knowing your truths, deep belief, trust more profound then you ever knew possible, becoming loving friends with fears.

Twice before this baby’s arrival, this mama was told that her body was not capable of brining forth her babies without surgery. Today she claimed her truth, that her body is completely capable, holding its full potential. Today she has a new story and legacy.

This beautiful mama quested with her baby. Mama, baby, daddy trilogy who melded into each other, becoming ethereally one being, expanding their earthy capacity beyond what they could individually manifest and hold.

Mama followed her body and merged synergistically with her baby, gave voice to truths that laid ancient in her bones. Swiftly into her beloveds waiting hands, a new, dewy soul arrived simultaneously with the transformed mama spirit.

Hearts opened wide, expressions of love, primal joy and flowing tears filled this space for all present for hours.

In love today.

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