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The sky opens

A call stirs you from a yummy deep sleep; 3:53 a.m. a gift of a nice night of slumber.

Time to travel in the whispers of dawns light, sipping on a warm beverage to awaken in to your day.

 Arriving and getting out of the car you hear the familiar echo of a mama in deep labor, dropping everything you sprint up the steps finding her in primal efforts and a papa ready to receive this sweet little head that is between the worlds.  Seconds later mom’s arms are filled and the rooms is filled with sweet relief and smiling hearts.

Oh to be back in this home again; this baby was welcomed in the same home as my very first birth as a apprentice midwife. This mama was a toddler at that time. Soon her mother came in the door and the circle was complete and a flood of happy soul memoires manifested. This moment feels like a lifetime ago and just yesterday all at once.

As we carried out the nesting in of mom and babe, everywhere we looked we caught glimpses of the horses, cows and chicken get on with their morning in the vibrant green lush valley. I pause and remember how truly blessed I am to be able to fulfill this call/drive/passion that lives within every cell of my being. I never forget or take this for granted.

At home the skies have opened and invite us in for a nap before we travel the labor journey again.

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