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The journey

Today I share the journey from the perspective of one who serves. Please know that this strong and courageous family created this new little life and together the three of them brought this life forth 95% of the way. What I share is the last 5%.

Sometimes at a birth you can feel this moment coming and want to wish it away, let it not be what all you intuition is preparing you for. Truth be, it is the reason midwives sit with laboring mamas, your calling for when all is not straight forward. The time when you lift the veil between the worlds and call forward all those wise hands who have gone before. Your spirit mantra calls out over and over, “Please guide me in this moment”. Timeless, 90 seconds-12 min? Your witness your hands and mind interplay, every sense in your body is electrically taking in and melting away. You feel the life force, and it questioning where to go. Please, please, please let me have, they synergy of skill, strength, wisdom and support from beyond, to help you come to us.

All did align, and nestled in the deeply loving arms of a family you will find a brand new life, so, so, so dearly loved by all who worked so hard for them to be here. Siblings will soon arrive and will excitedly great their new baby.

Later, alone, in the quiet hours, as you journey toward home, release begins, tears stream endlessly; gratitude, fear, joy, intense connection, disconnection, why, right choice, enough, not enough, thoughts and emotions pour out without rhyme or rational. “Never, please never again”, you ask the universe, yet you know this is your work, your life’s purpose. “It’s to heavy, it’s to hard, I am frightened, I’m not…….(good, smart, skilled, bright, strong, etc…….) enough”, the shadow thoughts show themselves. It is then that the ancient ones begin to sooth and hold you, showing your mind and heart glimpses of all the sisters and life that has gone before, they whisper that you to have a place in this long ancient, endless story.

You slip into your own nest with special gratitude for all the mentors who help prepared you for these moments, the families that hold faith and trust the art of midwifery, and the amazing sister midwife, Olivia, who, hands clasped, walks this journey, side by side

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