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The Invitation

The invitation to attend a labor and birth is so sacred. It is an invitation to witness deeply profound and vulnerable experiences of another human being. Life shifting. Birth is a natural normal process and the harmony mama and baby find with each other is a beautiful symphony to witness, which is what birth keepers do most of the time. Rarely are we essential to this process or experience, our work is largely supporting and holding space while mamababy labor dance there way to each other. This morning there was an invitation for more; the call for birth keepers to step forward to put there hands, hearts and minds to strong use. Supporting bringing this wee one earth side swiftly and accessing our ready hands and skills as we poured the breath of life into this fresh soul with mom and dad welcoming there sweet one to come fully into their body. That veiled threshold between the worlds is also sacred space, a time to hold everyone with gentleness and to pull forth your own wisdom to place the intention firmly here, on this side of that veil.

Thank-you dear family for the invitation to witness and serve you; may you all rest with peace in the nest we left you in today.

Gratitude for the many mentors and families who offered the gift of lessons, you were all here today by our sides guiding our hands and hearts.

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