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Sweetest of spring days


The sweetest of spring days, as I drove from farm to farm today.  One home held a pond with ducks and duckling’s paddling along.  I glanced at the lush green pasture as I turned in the drive and saw a strong mare and her fold soaking in the rays of the morning sun as they grazed.  Sharing the pasture were  goats with their kids, who were all scampering around, stretching into there developing abilities.  Fluffy baby kittens and blooming irises, lined the  path to the house, ankles and feet were the kittens  trophy’s as I walked the path. 

Then of course there was the wonderful, round tummy person who greeted me at the door with the most welcoming smile and invitation to come on in.

Further along in the day I stopped by the farm of a family who had welcomed many babies in their home.  Their greenhouse season has come to an end and every year I get a call inviting me to stop on by for a visit and to take away as many greenhouse plants as I can fit in my car to save them from the compost heap.

Each stop and visit in my day brought an abundance of deep joy and appreciation for the simplest and most profound offerings all around us.

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