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Sweet ones

Two sweet ones were welcomed in less than 18 hours.

Expanding family of 8 turned into 9 yesterday morning. Mama had offered me a ‘heads up’ call 2 days prior. It is perfectly her way to follow her body's lead for these couple of days; surges stronger, deeper and without a timeable pattern. Baby is working so beautifully with mama’s body, embracing the surge and shifting just a little bit at a time, slowly, peacefully into the birth spiral.

We checked in with each other over these days, sharing updates, laughter and weaving stronger the sacred bond with each other. During this gift of two days mom was able to bake bread for a local farmers market, pick and freeze 30 quarts of peas, enjoy luscious naps, soak in the tub, sew a new dress for her youngest, take a evening walk with her husband, and ready her spirit for the journey both ending and beginning.

She knows her body, she knows her rhythm. An early morning call at 5:45, out into the sunny morning at 6, a peaceful hours drive, a water born baby who reached for his mama’s arms by 8:30.

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