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Steady and slow


A fresh young mama, who’s life if full of strong physical work, who’s lineage and culture is to birth at home, held us in captive awe as she greeted her daughter 39 hours after that first surge. Patience, sweaty powerful work, moving the body to support baby’s spiral down, (inversions, dangling from a rope, deep tub, squats, hands and knees, belly lifting, side stepping the stairs, and dozens of other movements). Steady and slow was the unfolding, mama holding her confidence and knew her body was designed to bring her child.

On occasion mama’s ask to birth in our home, it is so special to us when this request comes forth; can you imagine the energy contained in those rooms for days to follow. One can literally feel the vibrance and still see the aura of the new little spirit who has emerged here.

Thank-you Sara for your special love and support of this new family

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