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Ceremony and ritual are marked along the way of every expectant family. Conception, the special foods we nourish our baby/body with before and after birth; the intention of movement and physical body care; the opening of our souls to expand its capacity to love, the physical act of opening and releasing our babies, etc…each comes with its own markers and significance.

Yesterday we sat in community with a beloved birth giver and baby. We honored their sacred journey through the ceremony, ‘Closing the Bones”, a symbolic marker of the great transformation and passage that has been journeyed by this dyad. The ceremony lineage originates from several diverse cultures around the world and was shared with me first from a powerfully beautiful indigenous midwife from Guatemala and again, years later, from midwives from Australia who learned this linage from indigenous midwives in their country.

Completing the ceremony there was an easy flow into community time and Yoni Steaming, (a special medicinal/self care steam), nourishing the sacred portal of life. Deep, heart felt stories were shared and these threads wove beautiful rich connection. We shared a nourishing our bodies and souls continuing to release stories, tears, astonishment and gratitude.

Thank-you to this family, and their sister of the heart companion, for sharing your wonderfulness, stories and truths.

Gratitude for those who arrived, held space and served this beautiful family in fullness, connection and honor. You were beautiful to witness and serve with.

I know I received heart filling gifts and carry deep gratitude for what we manifested together.

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