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Primal joy

Entering the tub a family of three emerging from the water a family of four.

Could this truly be, was the thought that crossed my mind as I heard the phone ring, could see the sun shining and glanced at the clock? Yes it was, a second daytime birth in as many days.

Such a special gift to serve a mama who herself was born at home. An inner place of knowing and trusting in the process was innate within her.

A woman practiced in mindfulness and patience.  She was not only welcoming her sweet baby, her entire family and household are moving in less then a week. So practiced in acceptance and release, that she held all this in fluidity, knowing that however and wherever this baby was born, what truly mattered was the circle of love baby would be received in.  Labor was a mirror image of this, patterns of beautiful releases, moving with the fluidity of shifts and changes, mindfulness and instinctualness.

Then a momentous shift in energy and motion, baby was announcing his arrival. Baby’s very first experience of touch was the gift from his loving parents who together helped him emerge, creating the softest, coziest, most nuzzily place in the world to be received, his parents embracing arms.

Thank-you beautiful family for the gift if faith, trust and primal joy. 

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