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Oh yes you can

Oh those exciting labors calls you receive where dads say few and very direct words, ‘she got on her hands and knees during a surge and now she is wanting to press in with them to bring the baby’. Heart and body response in swift motion, propelling the manifestation of this ‘wish machine’ to transform time and space.

Middle of the day delight for a midwife, as we know most mama’s and little ones love the cozy privacy of night time rhythms to forage the work of labor.

So beautifully aligned the universe was, already away from home, visiting other families, only 20 minutes from their front door. In less then 30 minutes after arriving, mom, dad and fresh little one were nesting in their cozy bed.

First homebirth for this growing family; their simple request was to replace the experience of fear with support in their care. Four times before, there experience of care felt full of fear and ‘what ifs’, to them. They grieved that all of there short amount of time with providers had filled with testing, assessing and discussions of all the potentials of what could be going wrong.

Twice they were lead to believe that there baby needed to be born now, before labor started, that the ‘what ifs’ were concerning and that if they loved there baby, they would ‘consent to a surgical birth’, so of course ‘consent’ they did. Each time there baby was born thriving and healthy.

They craved time to share together with their birth companions, to develop a connection and relationship of support. The wanted to share their expertise in this family, in this mama’s and baby’s wellbeing and asked for the birth companions wisdom in the wide range of normal and potential for birth possibilities. They relished in learning the deep richness of prenatal nutrition and its impact in a family for generations to come; to know the enormous benefits a balanced pace of life can hold for the maternal year; to explore new ways to move the mama-baby body in support of the foundational ligaments and bony structure of the pelvic birth bowl; to learn about all that was gloriously healthy and vibrant with this mama/baby.

Care and attention to the budging of those wide parameters of normal in pregnancy is vital and essential, if deviations are developing they will show themselves. Until they do, all mama/baby’s thrive with love, support, nourishment of the body, mind, spirit; reciprocal gracious sharing of wisdoms and deep relationships. Moving from a realm of ‘are we allowed to’ to embracing and manifesting your authentic instinctual knowing of what it is you and your baby need for this journey.

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