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How much can a day hold?

Yesterday we welcomed 17 birth workers to our home to share in the wisdoms that Karen Strange shares to beautifully regarding he breath of life and consciousness present in our fresh little ones into the world. My heart was filled with joy as I readied to share day with sisters of the heart. A little one decided the fall equinox was the perfect for their birthday so I missed sitting with everyone in our home and began to travel to this ready family.

Grounded and tried to enfold this news with the present moment where I could be present for this coming little one. Held space and love for this mama, papa and grandma with my beloved sister midwives as they welcomed their sweet bottom first daughter into a world that holds peace, love and simplicity for her. Thanks you Gail for the gift of your beautiful spirit and self, always so ready to share with an open heart and hands that hold the wisdom of the ancients.

Arrived home and could feel the energy of the workshop still vibrating in my silent home. Crawled into bed to see what would show itself in the dream world that could help guide . A second call from a family whose baby had signaled us two days ago by releasing their waters, that the time to arrive was soon. Another quick drive filled with a quest to stay present fraught with heart wrenching grief. Arrived to find dad running out to the car. A midwives single to start running yourself. Found mama holding baby pouring love and the breath of life into her brand new baby who needed a little extra help to complete the transition. I brought Karen’s practiced words and wisdom forth and began to help support baby to be completely earth side. Oh and these two special babies not only share the same birthday and have very special stories, they are also neighbors

Yesterday and today I walking between worlds and realities. Questing, searching and trying to find the way through to a new reality. Thank-you Karen Strange, Gail Tully, and all the beautiful others, you all held space for these families and also opened space for me as I searched for each moment.

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