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Gratitude for this heart-filled day and this life

A blissfully sweet day spent meandering the rural roadways of our driftless region. Adventures in conversation with a sister midwife. Round tummies blossoming, so full of life with-in, and roly poly newborns visits; elderberry blossom retrievals in secret wooded area’s; heart smiling and full. After arriving home from the road much traveled I slip into a hidden garden spot for a lushes nap and receive a call from sister midwife who is attending a mama, deep into labor, while another baby is also choosing today as a beautiful day for a birthday and this family would also love some eventual company. Making adjustment to the evening creates opportunity for this wonderful possibility. Yes as the skies darkened, the ‘it’s time to come’ call also arrives, and I begin to drive the long, long journey. Upon arrival I settle in and share light and deep conversations, between surges, all to create cozy space for our path before us. Brand new faces to each other, we share a belief and ancient wisdom that circumvents our current circumstances. Release of the heavens waters, release of baby’s aquatic universe, release of conscious thought, into the to universal consciousness we go...... just as baby inspires mama to release this final time......and new life is here........

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