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Family, birth and birth keepers

It is a sweet joy to serve birth keepers, (those who are called to serve other expectant families in some way). This morning I sat with two emerging birth keeper sisters, who are were in service to each other.

A beautiful family centered birth. Experienced mama who welcomed her first lovely babe surgically, this labor helped her body and heart learn the rhythm of labor and helped her body learn to open. Second baby brought a new journey with new sensations and experiences, surges, questing, unfolding and with awe-inspiring effort, her daughter was brought to her arms; tears flowed freely for all present.

Now another new little one to nuzzle. This beautiful couple, surrounded by her own mama and sister, created a cozy, warm and welcoming space to receive sweet baby. For days the entire family has been preparing, nurturing, cooking, cleaning, readying there lives for this monumentally sacred day.

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