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This baby loved the smooth path her brother and sister had created for her journey. Mama and baby embraced each other’s spirits for the swift journey before them, each letting the other know what was needed in this moment and assurances that all was well and as it was designed to be. How truly sacred and special that baby’s auntie was the person to first receive and welcome this newest family member, while mama and her beloved held each other in a deep embrace. Mama’s mom had the great joy of smiling into the eyes of her new grand-babe, who was yet between the inner and outer world for several minutes before completing her journey. Mama shared later that this birth was what she had been visualizing and had now manifested.

To you fresh mama, I saw all the efforts and deep work you committed to as your prepared yourself for this journey. I see your wisdom, I trust your process, I honor and celebrate you today.

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