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Deep shift

Three phone calls in 24 hours; middle of the night, star-lit sky drives follow. Two delightful, full-moon, babes welcomed into their mama’s arms.

Yes sometimes, for a moment, when you receive that middle of the night call and find yourself so cozy and delighted in your bed, it is a deep shift to leave your own nest and think about stepping out into the night. Here is a secret though: by the time you dress, embrace your beloveds goodbye and close the front door behind you, you are immediately embraced yourself by the night, moon and stars, in all there variety.

This embrace always holds a story for you. There is something so magically mystical as I step-up my walkway toward my journey, looking up to the stars and contemplate this, special-to-my-heart , laboring mamababy.

I almost always think about all her companion sisters around the world in this same dance with their babies. I can remember the feel of those nights, in far away lands, as I stepped outside to sit by the side of mamababy’s there; each opportunity so unique and universal. . Each walk into the night , with stores and memories blooming, fills the heart-spirit with a deep satiating richness that manifest only from deep love.

Grateful heart as I slip into sleep.

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