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Clarity in this moment…….. always coming in its own perfect timing

I so support and honor the wisdom and decisions mama’s hold in their choices for what is right for them. Each mama holds deep understanding of her life’s path, her circumstances, and has known this baby since the moment of conception. How could anyone else possibly know better what is right for this family in this moment in there lives.

Two evenings ago the phone rang and on the other end was a friend dear to my heart. At that very moment she was with a friend, dear to her heart, who was moving through her labor.

As this beautiful mama was laboring on, a new clarity arose in her, she did not want to leave the comfort and sweet familiarity of her home, she was feeling most confident here. She wanted to welcome her baby here, with her beloved, in the home they had created together and where their baby had already joined their lives during this pregnancy. Strong, powerful, intuitional knowing was unfolding.

I could hear this mama working beautifully with her labor in the back ground, those universal, expressive, ancient sounds that flow forward in labor, oh yes this mama was well on her way.

Talking with this family over the phone I learned of the health and well being for mama and baby; healthy and vibrant

Arriving, our beloved common friend, weaved our lives together. Mom and dad were discovering a new way to move physically/spiritually, deeply and swiftly with each other. So much change and transition, in every imaginable way, was manifesting right now. All present were releasing and flowing with open hearts.

Mama knew her body well, finding brand new sensations and questing to find her own way. Dad, supporting, anchoring and tethering with his beloved as she moved through the universe to find and bring their baby home. Together they bound there physical strengths and heart devotions to help their baby spiral down and into the world.

Elation,rejoiceful sounds filled the air from all present, (including the youngest of us all) as baby filled her mama’s arms; a beautiful song I will never forget

Thank-you dear family for reaching out and sharing your joy.

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