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Claiming power and beauty

Thank-you for aligning universe stars, thank-you for sleeping tonight ‘deer in the road’, thank-you for watching other roads tonight patrol officers, thank-you for being patient and waiting for your midwife, sweet fresh one. Mama calls to say waters have released and feeling lot’s of pressure. Loooong fast drive, run into the house, sprint up the stairs, toss coat to the ground, glide sleeves up my arms, kneel down and 2 minutes later mama has baby in her arms.

What I absolutely moves me about this beautiful birth was how I will be painted out of the story. Mom, dad, baby and special friend sit and glow over baby, as I clean prepare herbs and food, do laundry, check out baby and mama. I listen to the story being told over and over to friends and family on the phone and what I hear shining through was mama’s strength, baby’s swiftness and vibrancy, dad and special friends amazing love and support. This is exactly what midwives hope for, a woman and her family claiming the intimate power and beauty of their journey.

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