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Chapters of my book

Birth sisters, you know those journeys that you think, ‘this must go into that book of stories’, you might create one day; we have just arrived to the other side of an entire chapter created in 5 days. Here is a glimpse ahead to some of the many subsections of this chapter:

  1. The Full Moon and Five labor calls

  2. Heat index 110 degrees, 1492 miles driven and the car air conditioner is broken

  3. Five days = 120 hours and 96.5 hours of mama-baby care

  4. National heat wave= ice box room/sub-saharan breeze and ‘what’s that thing on the wall’

  5. RNC and Michael Moore

  6. Olives and pickles are veggies right?

  7. The SPAM Museum vortex

  8. I’ll get to that, when I can SEE again

  9. Tubs and wet feet; Breath of life; Oils we do not cook with

Deep love and gratitude for the families who created these stories and journeys we now share together. Each journey is woven deeply into our hearts and memories and will be carried with us always.

Heart open wide with love, honor, respect and gratitude for the birth sisters who shared in this incredible time together (Bethany, Noel and Sara). Thank –you for the love, care and support you so gracefully offered these families in the mist of all these incredible circumstances.

So much gratitude for the families and loved ones of all birth workers, who support in all the ways needed while we step away. You are our foundation and anchors and also supporters of the families we serve.

This week was challenging, joy filled, vulnerable, sweet, laughably, fun filled, heart wrenching and deeply profound; fully beyond what can ever be articulated. Spirit expanding.

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