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A sweet yummy joy

Sitting with a family during the overnight, holding space as this trilogy, swims, meditates, tells stories, dances, sings, and guides each other to the stars; reaching deeply into the universes portal, bringing their baby home. Mama and papa access their innate wisdom of the mamatoto (mamababy) body to assist little one on the journey to them; knowing exactly where to touch, move, groove, shift and release.

It raw and messy and powerfully sacred work to simultaneously give birth and be born. This is the work of love, commitment, devotion, belief and surrender. Work that began long before baby’s conception and its rewards will continue to be actualized for generations to come.

My beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, friends brought us new life to saver and celebrate today. Heart is beyond capacity for the love it is experiencing; hours later, still in that transitional world of remembering and dreaming.

My smiling heart embraces the sweet joy of holding space together with my beloved midwifery sister of the heart, Moira. Thank-you Sara, wonderful birth keeper, for all the tenderness and love you infused during this special night.

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