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Well PersonCare

Imagine: you are warmly welcomed and cozy up on a couch with a cup of tea. As we explore what is feeling deep and important to you, you are listened to with an open heart.  We transition to a comfy space with cozy quilts and blankets and serene surroundings. Gentle care and attention is paid to your physical, emotional and spirit comfort.  Together and co-created is a new understanding of the whole you: body, mind, spirit.

This is the care offered every woman at Willow River, whether you come to us for Birth Care, Maiden New Moon and Sage Women.  In addition, your holistic can include: PAPs, Blood Work, Gynecological cultures/testing, Breast exams, Referrals, Fertility Awareness Method and Herbal remedies for the Childbearing Year.


The New Moon visit is for the young woman who has just entered into her moon time (menstruation).  Young women need as much nurturing as the rest of us! Such a special time for maidens that is met with special care.  Each maiden is treated with gentleness, dignity and love as we create opportunity to ask questions, have safe discussions and she receives a foundation in a women’s unique health education; all with the touch of a midwife.

We offer beginning awareness of the emerging body changes, emotional shifts, her cycle rhythm and own special fertility awareness.  Gentle acceptance of the changes in her body and exploration of healthy relationships and sexual intimacy, sexually transmitted disease prevention. We can provide the young woman with her first caring PAP and teach her self-breast exam. Resources and referrals for additional supports as needed. We offer herbal supports for acne, painful periods and young woman mood shifts. Also included will be a special bag of “New Moon” holistic natural supplies and other treats that will nourish her tender self.

To the young woman:  All conversations will be honored as private and confidential with the midwife. 

Parents and guardians:  A complete outline of information that will be explored is available upon request.


Peri-Menopausal and Menopausal Support- as our moon time’s wane we transition to our sage crone years, full of richness and wisdom.

The midwives at Willow River will walk with you as you are ready for ‘The Journey’. Let us help you: learn to nourish and tone your body with mineral-rich, phytoestrogen-rich nourishing herbal infusions; guide you to calcium rich foods to protect your bones, support your heart and balance to emotional shifts; find peace and deeper understanding regarding all these amazing shifts and changes. You can and will find peace during your ‘Change’.

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