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Sara Hanssen

Sara started as a birth assistant with Brenda in 2015 and has supported the practice with administrative services. Sara has training as a doula through ToLabor and has gratefully received knowledge and respect for birth through Brenda, the families served, and from her own pregnancy and birth journeys. Sara lives in La Crosse with her spouse and their daughter Greta, 2.  


The team at Willow River Midwifery walks with you and your family as your journey through pregnancy and birth, providing loving, compassionate care. 


Accompanying through life transitions, Willow River Midwifery offers tailored, gentle care from your first cycle to your last and everything



Your placenta is an amazing organ; grown by you, connecting you to your baby, providing and sustaining life. Willow River Midwifery offers options as you honor your placenta. 

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