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Dreamy, just dreamy

Awoke to birds expressing there excitement for the day, oh it is contagious. I felt so inspired to gather garb that felt especially lovely today, so I selected beautiful handcrafted earrings, made by someone so special to my heart and other wonderful things that called out to me.

The early morning continued with a lovely walk down the trail, along the bluffs and river. The air was so fresh and all the animal friends were vibrant and alive with activity. Then something caught my eye, 3 new walking companions, (each with 4 hooves and spotted coats) stroll towards me and pause within an arms length, we held space with each other and like old friends we decide to stroll on together for about another quarter mile or so, (they decided to scatter when someone new rounds the courner on the trail)

Deer are my animal spirits, when they show up in in special/unusual circumstances, I have learned that there will be something special to unfold at the next birth. What a gift to my heart this morning.

After the walk, I strolled to our sweet little food coop and saw many friends enjoying the generous discount day and fabulous buys. So blessed to have our own coop right in town. While there, I embraced another birth keeper (sister of the soul) and we spoke of the air feeling ready and full of that special intuitional energy that there’s plump ripeness and readiness to release. While there a call arrives, knowing this was not mom’s first baby and that there was a distance to travel, I walked as swiftly as I could home

Many winding, vibrant green, tree- lined roads we travel. Arriving, we drive into what felt like paradise. Secluded homestead nestled next to a state park with dense forest all around. Kiddos running everywhere outside, so full of excitement. After siting with the family for a bit, our ‘job’ was to hold space, in whatever way that looks for each laboring person. So we were sent outside to explore the homestead. Do you get to roam with chickens and dogs at ‘work’?? What about explore old, well used, buildings that are being renovated? How about climbing into a tree swing and letting your 5 year old self come out to play? Then there were the baby kittens to witness playing and letting your heart fawn over

Soon it was time to sit beside this beautiful, strong mama and hear sing her spirit-filled, birth song. Time for her beloved to receive their baby and nestle there lush one into her arms. While the family was welcoming there new life, we are blessed enough to bring plates of foods, brew herbs, start laundry, tend to dishes and nest this family.

Home in time for a nice dinner and another stroll down the trail to see what other magic might be awaiting. Dreamy

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