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April Blizzards, 3 States, 3 Feet, Tummy Bugs, and a couple of Prius

April Blizzards, 3 States, 3 Feet, Tummy Bugs, and Prius’s

The second blizzard in April, welcomes the second baby born in such excitement.

Awakened to sweetly chiming phone tones, (tones that stir one in the most pleasant way possible in the wee hours of the morning).

Traversing the roads of 3 states, noting to oneself when each state calls on the hard working souls who come out to clear paths at such hours, (no one at the 3 a.m. hour)

Sheets of ice and blowing snow, cover the roads, sometimes the roads edges are indistinguishable from the banks. Winds whip and there are miles where you creep along because you cannot see the 10 feet in front of you.

It’s a long drive normally and even longer now, so there is plenty of time to explore thoughts. First thought, is the powerful tummy bug, who’s been your constant companion for several days, combined with a blizzard considered an, “Act of God”, aren’t people excused from “Acts of God”? Suddenly a new thought to distract; you forgot to wear your boots, (rushing out the door as quickly as you could), how far, do you imagine, one can walk in good old Berk’s tonight? However, the thoughts you come back too, over and over on such nights, are those of imagining the sweetness that is unfolding in the home you have set your path toward. Your heart melts and smiles and you are warmly content.

Arriving to the home, only that last steep, stretch of driveway to go. Three feet from the crest and your mighty, snow tiered, Prius, who has weathered all of these storms with you for years, lets you know you did not move with momentum enough and we steer and slide our way back down and on foot, travel up to the house on the hill

It is so beautiful to walk toward the twinkling lights of a home in the woods, even in the weather blowing around you. Warmth soon envelops you as you enter

Now you exhale and cozy in.

Always, after the powerful work to bring us all a new life to cherish, there is special joy in nesting a fresh family. Nourishing families with yummy foods, brewing herbs, cozy embraces, warm baths, clean linens to slip into after, a tidied home and peaceful nest to rest.

Warm blessings to this family and true thoughts of gratitude for the occasional test of ones passion and love to serve.

Enormous thanks to Sara, who has her special memories of today

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