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Brenda Burke


Meet the Team

In order to support you, we support each other. Willow River Midwifery is privileged to have experienced birth workers to provide you person centered care. 


Emily Stiner, Student Midwife 

I started as an apprentice in the Fall of 2021. Before I was even pregnant with my first babe, I knew that I wanted to have a home birth and midwifery care. I had the joy of having Brenda as my midwife for my three children. I loved my experiences from start to finish and the seed was planted that maybe this was the path for me. In March 2021 I decided to take the first steps down that path with doula training through Childbirth International. I also started with Brenda as a birth assistant that same month. I continued my education and became a Certified Lactation Counselor in August 2021. When fall came and my older kids were back in school, I started in the apprentice role and am currently doing a self study program through National College of Midwifery. Before starting birth work, I was a stay at home mom and still thoroughly enjoy the time I get to spend at home with my kids (Cora 7, Calvin 5, Charlie 2). In my life before kids I was a nurse; I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2008. I worked in a variety of areas: family practice clinic, general medical/surgical floor, cardio/pulmonary floor, surgery and nursing education. I live in Cedar Falls with my husband, David and our kiddos.

In Summer 2024, I will be completing my apprenticeship training and will be offering primary care midwifery services through Willow River Midwifery in the Ceder Falls and surrounding area. 


Mikah Jaschke 

Mikah is a trauma informed doula and herbalist that integrates yoga, reiki, and mindfulness into her work with clients.  She has been a birth assistant with the practice since the spring of 2020.  She offers a local, organic, hand crafted and small batch line of pregnancy and postpartum herbal remedies. She also offers birth education in the form of Full Circle Birth and Postpartum Preparation Workshops with fellow doula Anna Peterson.  When she isn’t working or chasing down kiddos you’ll usually find her in the garden, reading, or knitting.  You can find out more about her at her website or you can email her at

KatieAnn McKee 

KatieAnn is an RN in the Rochester, MN area and supports our clients as a Birth Assistant, visits, and through craniosacral work. She also offers lactation consultation. You can find out more by contacting

Sarah Frydenlund

Sarah joined as practice administrator and Birth Assistant in 2023. She experienced hospital prenatal services, but was privileged to complement this with care by Brenda and her team in home births for both of her daughters. Sarah has worked in arts education for many years and additionally as office support for nonprofits. She lives in Decorah with her family of people, pets, and plants.

Sarah can be reached at

Gloria Nolt

Gloria brings a wealth of home birth experience to Willow River Midwifery. She will predominately be serving the Charles City, IA and surrounding area. 


If you want to learn more about this richly rewarding work please get in touch with your thoughts and ideas. Learning opportunities and other positions may be available throughout the year. 

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