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Embracing Journeys Birth Gatherings are based on support, empowerment, and self-knowledge and collective wisdom.   Experience teaches us that when we have support in our lives, and are informed and empowered, we feel our inner strengths and are more able to find balance with the changes and challenges we experience.  This is especially true when it comes to the amazing transformations pregnancy, childbirth and new parenting bring.

Pregnancy and birth can be ecstatic, instinctive, fulfilling, and natural for you and your baby.  Birth and gentle parenting lay a strong foundation for life-long health and wellbeing for all the family.

Embracing Journeys honors this important transformation and is based on the belief that most women find great value in community and supported confidence in their ability to grow, birth and mother their babies.

During Embracing Journeys gatherings:

• Women, their loved ones, and the home birth midwife co-create this rich experience with others who attend, meeting together regularly throughout pregnancy and actively participate in their care.  Women learn to assess some of their own healthcare and wellbeing, recording the results in their own charts.

• Space and time are created to share new experiences, discuss concerns and explore information and resources.  Conversations shared can be light & playful, balanced with profoundness, and encouraging of thoughtful dialogue.  It is a space to share stories from life for the purpose of growth, preparing and transformation.

• There is holistic exploration of:
* Changes & adjustments in pregnancy      * Nutrition & healthy lifestyle
* Centering, instincts & transformation     * Families & relationships
* Preparing for the birth experience           * The birth experience
* After the baby arrives                                 * Breastfeeding

Embracing Journeys is intended to create the space for sharing wisdom and knowledge and to having the opportunity to make meaningful informed choices and connections.

Creating Intimacy, Trust, and Community

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